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Too Many Shoes Syndrome

Spending Hundreds of Dollars on New Shoes and Still Complaining of Foot Pain?. What next?   It’s time to ask the question: is another new shoe going to help the pain, or do I need look at something else? Over the years, we have helped many patients determine where their pain is coming from.  If we look up from the foot, we see the knee, hip and low back.  Many times we say the foot is just the victim and not the source of their pain.  Unfortunately, many people spen...
Posted on 2016-08-10

Getting A Leg Up On Your Training

Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis in North Aurora, IL. As summer is approaching, and I am gearing myself up to get back outside to hit the trails and streets, thoughts of nagging injuries enter my mind.  I try to be proactive with my own advice in regards to stretching and strengthening, as well as, "listening to my body". Unfortunately, I am not always the most compliant individual, and little "aches and pains" develop. Are you training for a specific upcoming race, charity walk, or just t...
Posted on 2016-05-18

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