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Workers’ Compensation Cases in Aurora, IL

At Physical Therapy Advantage, we work directly with your physician and Worker’s Compensation to support your recovery after a workplace injury. Your physical therapist will also devise a specialized gradual return to work process if that’s best for your situation. 

Physical therapy is accepted by Workers’ Compensation claims as a necessary treatment, so the fees are usually covered by Workman’s Comp, with your loss of income benefits. 

Call Physical Therapy Advantage for a full assessment if you have been injured at work. Your highly trained physical therapist will conduct a thorough exam, provide a diagnosis, and develop a custom-tailored recovery plan. You will probably benefit from a combination of therapies to support quick, complete healing. Your physical therapist will outline the plan to you and work with your Worker’s Compensation case worker to get you the treatment you need. 

In addition, Physical Therapy Advantage offers ergonomic workplace counseling, functional capacity evaluations and work conditioning programs.

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