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Video Analysis of Sports-Specific Injuries in Aurora, IL

A close-up, instant replay gives your physical therapist the ability to complete a detailed video analysis of your sports-specific injuries. Whether you play football, basketball, golf, tennis, or you’re a runner, your body undergoes stress. And each sport puts different stresses on your system. 

The physical therapists at Physical Therapy Advantage use specialized techniques by analyzing video to suggest technique corrections for your athletic performance. Your therapist performs custom testing at your first appointment to assess your strength, flexibility, power and endurance as a functional baseline. Then, based on your strengths and weaknesses, a targeted program is designed with one-on-one care, regular reassessments, and expert feedback.  

Your physical therapist will help you recover from your current injury. Plus, you’ll receive specific training to support your path to optimal athletic performance – specific to your chosen sport. 

Call Physical Therapy Advantage today to learn more about how a video analysis of sports-specific injuries could help you!

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