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Running Gait Analysis in Aurora, IL

When you have a running gait analysis completed at Physical Therapy Advantage, you receive a detailed plan to improve your performance and reduce injury risk.

A running gait analysis uses state-of-the-art technology to identify biomechanical (movement) abnormalities. Your physical therapist uses video to assess how you walk or run. They analyze the video in slow motion, with still frames and frame-by-frame. The therapists use specially designed instruments that measure body movement. The analysis determines the details of

  • Each joint’s movements
  • How your muscles work to control your joints
  • How your right and left sides compare 
  • The movements of your trunk, knees, hips, and ankles 

Your physical therapist explains any movement problems and recommends modifications. Then, they develop a customized plan to teach your body the new movement habits.  

The physical therapists at Physical Therapy Advantage are experts at supporting these new movement patterns. Contact us today to schedule a running gait analysis.

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