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Myofascial Release in Aurora, IL

Myofascial tissues are tough membranes that wrap around, connect, and support your muscles. Normal myofascia feels pliable and elastic. But if you have an injury or chronic pain, your myofascial tissues may feel stiff, become restricted, inactive, and tighten up. Then, you feel pain, sensitivity, and tension. 

You may notice “knots” in certain areas that are painful to the touch, often referring pain to other areas, too. Your physical therapist knows how to massage the myofascia to release those stiff and tightened areas. Often, more than one “trigger point” (knot) is responsible for your pain. So, myofascial release treats a broad area of muscles and tissues to ensure you feel better. 

The myofascial release process is repeated several times on each trigger point until the physical therapist feels the tension fully release. People with chronic headaches often find relief with myofascial release.  

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