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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What do physical therapists do?

A:Physical therapists provide health care services to individuals who have impairments, functional limitations, disabilities or changes in physical function and health status resulting from injury, disease or other causes. Physical therapists are professionally educated at the college or university level and are required to be licensed in the state in which they practice.

Q: How can I set up an appointment with a physical therapist?

A: In the state of Illinois as of August 2018, physical therapists may evaluate and treat a patient without the written diagnosis or prescription of a physician. We now have full Direct Access.  If you have a prescription from a physician for physical therapy, that is great, but you do not need one to begin your therapy.  You may call our office at (630) 892-8003 and set up an appointment. Please view our “Insurance” page of this website to find your insurance carrier and see if your plan is listed.

Q: How long do treatments take?

A: The first visit is scheduled for a full hour with the therapist. Each subsequent visit is scheduled in 30 minute time slots but, on average, you will receive treatment for 45 to 90 minutes based on your condition. Patients are usually seen 2 to 3 times a week for 3 to 4 weeks, then decreasing visits as recommended by the therapist. (These are just estimates, each individual condition varies in its treatment approach. The actual frequency and duration of treatment is determined in coordination between the referring physician and physical therapist.)

Q: What should I wear for physical therapy treatment?

A: You should wear comfortable workout clothes that you will be able to exercise in. It is important that you wear loose-fitting clothing to enable the therapist to examine and treat the injured area. Please bring shorts if you have a lower extremity injury or a spine condition. We provide gowns for use during postural evaluations. 

Q: Will I hurt after therapy?

A: Most patients feel better after therapy, however, with some conditions some discomfort may be felt after beginning an exercise program. This discomfort is usually short lasting and can be relieved with ice or rest.

Q: When should I arrive for my physical therapy appointment and how long will it take?

A: You should arrive 15 minutes early for your scheduled appointment so that you can fill out any necessary registration forms. If you would like to fill out your preregistration forms ahead of time, you can download them from our Preregistration page. Your appointment will most likely take about an hour, depending on your needs and diagnosis.

Q: What will my first visit be like?

A: You will be asked to change into comfortable clothing (you may want to bring shorts, a loose fitting T-shirt and gym shoes) to facilitate your evaluation. Your physical therapist will talk to you about your history and perform a physical examination. After your evaluation, the therapist will create an individualized treatment program specific to your rehabilitation process. If necessary, you may begin treatment on the same day as your evaluation.

First Visit Check List

  • Please bring the doctor’s prescription for physical therapy and your insurance card;
  • Bring your date book/calendar for scheduling of future appointments;
  • Plan on spending 45 to 90 minutes at our facility;
  • Remember to wear comfortable clothing;
  • Bring any operative reports, diagnostic tests (x-rays, MRIs, EMGs, CT Scans, etc.) or protocols given to you by your doctor;
  • Please bring “pre-registration forms” if you downloaded and filled them out.
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