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UTILIZING Physical Therapy

UTILIZING Physical Therapy

As a facility we are dedicated to being a positive contributor to our community by delivering our members results based on their goals through honest and high-quality instruction. In order to help our members we need to address any limitations they may have to keep them coming in so they can continue to stay as safe as possible and make progress with the fewest number of physical setbacks.

While not desirable, occasional aches and pains are commonplace on the physical activity side of the health and wellness journey. However, while they do occur, sharp, severe and/or chronic pain symptoms are not and should not be accepted as a normal part of the process. These situations are beyond our scope of practice as personal trainers, and it is our responsibility to encourage our members to seek out professionals to help them recover from these situations. A facility like Physical Therapy Advantage, with ownership like Joe King, works great for us. An individual can sign a waiver that allows them to disclose information to us regarding someone’s limitations to ensure we are all working together for the individual.

The more we can create a network of high quality professionals in other disciplines the more confident we can feel that we are always working in our members best interests. This ensures our members that they have a team working for them and gives them confidence we care about their well-being and results.

- Written by TJ Booe

COVID-19 Update: Due to the continued COVID-19 concerns we wanted to update everyone on our current policies. We are still considered to be an essential healthcare provider, but as of January 1, 2023...