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Right Shoulder Pain

Right Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain, specifically on the right side of the shoulder, is among the leading complaints that may lead to limiting the performance of specific tasks within society. The following joint is a ball and socket one and is also commonly known as the shoulder its movement depends on muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding it. Any problem with the structures? 

So, an injury or a disorder in any of these parts can lead to right shoulder pain. That is why an individual who experiences right shoulder discomfort is advised to consult a qualified physical therapist for diagnosis and treatment options to ensure the pain is eradicated. 

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What Leads to Right Shoulder Pain?

There are various potential causes of pain isolated to the right shoulder region:

  • Rotator cuff injury - There can be tendinitis or certain types of tears in the muscles and tendons of the rotator cuff, a common cause of shoulder pain.
  • Impingement syndrome - If bones in the shoulder thicken and the tendons or bursa that lie close to them become pinched, inflammation and pain will occur.
  • Adhesive capsulitis -commonly referred to as a frozen shoulder- is an inflammation of the shoulder joint, leading to shoulder stiffness.
  • Fracture -This is a condition caused by a break in a bone in the shoulder area due to physical impact or caused by the weakening of bones due to osteoporosis, and any slight movement will result in severe pain. 
  • Dislocation - This is because when the shoulder joint gets partially or fully dislocated, it causes severe pain.
  • Osteoarthritis - A common non-inflammatory degenerative disease that weakens the right shoulder joint and causes pain. 

Recognizing Symptoms of Right Shoulder Pain

Some characteristic signs and right shoulder pain symptoms indicating a potential right shoulder problem include:

  • Aching, tenderness, or stiffness isolated to the right shoulder muscles
  • Sharp pain when moving the right arm, especially overhead or behind the back
  • Difficulty lifting the right arm upward without pain 
  • Pain disrupting sleep when lying on the right side 
  • Swelling, bruising, or weakness around the right shoulder joint
  • Muscle spasms or cramping concentrated in the right shoulder 
  • Numbness or tingling radiating down the right arm

If these right shoulder symptoms persist, consulting a physician or physical therapist for proper diagnosis and treatment is advisable.

How Physical Therapy Can Help Right Shoulder Pain

Seeing a physical therapist for evaluation and treatment is highly recommended if you have ongoing right shoulder discomfort. A skilled physical therapist will perform a thorough assessment to identify the underlying cause of your pain. They may also refer you to a doctor if specific red flag symptoms are present.

Some of the ways a physical therapist can help address right Shoulder Therapy Aurora include:

  • Physical therapy shoulder pain techniques like massage, trigger point release, and joint mobilization to relax tight musculature. 
  • Prescribed stretches and shoulder pain physical therapy exercises to improve mobility and stabilize the right shoulder.
  • Ultrasound, ice, heat, and electrical stimulation modalities to ease pain and inflammation. 
  • Soft tissue treatments like dry needling release knots and cramping in shoulder muscles.
  • Postural correction to address strain from slouching or other poor positioning. 
  • Braces, taping, or supportive devices to stabilize the right shoulder as warranted.
  • Education on proper sleeping positions and daily activities to avoid aggravating the right shoulder.

Your physical therapist will design a customized treatment plan using the most effective therapies to resolve your right shoulder pain based on your specific injury and needs. The goal is to relieve discomfort while restoring normal right shoulder function.

At-Home Care for Right Shoulder Pain

It is also essential to consult your physical therapist, as there are some things you can do to relieve right shoulder pain at home. It is necessary to avoid lean arm motions that cause shoulder aching and rest the right shoulder at the start of vexation. 

Avoiding any activity that causes pain and taking time off from weight lifting can help in the healing process, and applying ice packs on the affected area, the right shoulder muscles, for 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times a day, will alleviate soreness. A heating pad on the right shoulder is also advised to assist in relaxing muscles and increasing blood circulation. 

Adequate measures such as using over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs for pain relief as it is needed can be used. Therefore, to reduce the chances of making the right shoulder pain without injury worse at night, it is advised that one sleeps on his left side or lie on the back. 

Simple subsequent gentle shoulder motions and exercises with the help of your therapist during the day can help to maintain flexibility and strength. Further, to avoid aggravating the right shoulder muscles, standing right and straight without bending forward while slouching spoils the shoulder’s aesthetic incline.

When to See a Doctor for Right Shoulder Pain

You should consult a doctor promptly if you have severe right shoulder pain along with the following:

  • Inability to lift or rotate the right arm.
  • Swelling, bruising, or deformity around the right shoulder.
  • Significant pain at rest or night pain that disrupts sleep. 
  • Numbness or weakness extending down the right arm.
  • A popping, grinding or snapping sensation in the right shoulder.
  • Trauma such as a fall or blow directly to the right shoulder.

These symptoms may indicate a condition requiring medical evaluation and management beyond standard Aurora Physical Therapy.


Right shoulder pain can significantly impact one's ability to perform regular daily activities. While at-home remedies like icing, rest, and over-the-counter medication can provide temporary relief, working with a skilled physical therapist is critical to treating the root cause of discomfort. 

They can design a customized program to relieve right shoulder pain, restore normal function, prevent re-injury, and facilitate return to full activity. If you have persistent right shoulder pain, don't ignore it - seek professional assistance. The physical therapists at Physical Therapy Advantage in Aurora can provide experienced care to resolve your right shoulder issues and help you feel better again.

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