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Weekly Cup of Joe - Introduction

Weekly Cup of Joe - Introduction

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Happy Friday everybody! Joe King here from Physical Therapy Advantage in North Aurora. I'm here to announce that we have some exciting news; it's going to get started next Wednesday, June 10th. But first I want to give a huge shout-out and a thank you to one of my former clients, Jan Martin and her daughter, Rochelle for planting this idea and seed many, many years ago. Unfortunately, I was pretty resistant to the idea. I would not have taken me quite this long to act on it, but I want to let everybody know that we're going to start a new and recurring video podcast that is going to be focusing on health, wellness and answering your physical therapy questions that you may have, and the emphasis is going to be on gratitude perspective and a positive mindset. Each video will be about three minutes long and it will happen on a weekly basis. To get this idea jump-started and everything else like that, I wanted to ask you to send in your questions that you may have regarding health, wellness and any physical therapy questions that you may have that I can start answering like I said, in a three-minute brief video.

You can send those questions to j.king@ptadvantagepc.com, and I'll take a look at them and start answering those on a weekly basis beginning next week. I hope you'll enjoy this new and different, and way out of my comfort zone in an attempt to keep providing you outstanding educational content. This is one of the biggest things that we like to do here at Physical Therapy Advantage. We love to help support and educate the community that we live and serve in so, we look forward to starting that next week. But one quick tip before I go is I want to challenge you to go B.I.G every day. And what I mean by going big is B.I.G Stands for Beginning In Gratitude. I want you to wake up every morning, I want you to think of one thing that you're extremely grateful for or thankful for, write it down, and tell somebody; doesn't really matter, but I want it to be meaningful to you and I also want it to be consistent if you can do that. So, we'll see you next Wednesday and we'll start with your Weekly Cup of Joe. Thank you.

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