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» Weekly Cup of Joe - Episode #53 – Functional Dry Needling
Weekly Cup of Joe - Episode #53 – Functional Dry Needling

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Joe King: Morning and welcome to your Weekly Cup of Joe. My name is Joe King. I'm the owner of Physical Therapy Advantage here in North Aurora. And we're coming today from the clinic, with our clinical director, Julie Crane, who you see there, and one of our aides, Matthew Bayna, he is going to be volunteering his forearm for Functional Dry Needling. We're just going to do a little demonstration and Julie is going to tell you a little about it. So here we go.

Julie Crane: All right. Functional Dry Needling, and the technique that you use in physical therapy, the concept is to help release trigger points. A trigger point in your muscle is an area of your muscle that's gets stuck. So normal muscles have a tendency, the filaments in your muscles glide and slide, and sometimes those muscles get stuck and it's in a tightened or contract position. So the dry needling helps to release that trigger point, which causes a mechanical reaction to cause the muscle to release, increases blood flow to the area, helps with healing and muscle restoration. So what I typically do is, I use a little bit of rubbing alcohol to clean off the area, clean my gloves, and then we use what is called a Monofilament Needle, which is a needle that doesn't have a hole in it. So the needle is very small, cannot administer medication or draw blood. Then what we do is we palpate and we try to find an area that has a tight spot, we just apply the needle and then we look for a trigger response. This technique works great for reducing pain, improving muscle function, helping with range of motion of joints, increasing healing to the area. So if you have any questions, give our clinic a call. Thanks. Bye-bye.

Joe King: Thanks, Julie. Yes, as Julie said, if you have any questions regarding Functional Dry Needling, if it happens to be something you want to explore, see if it's something that might be beneficial for you, just give us a call. We can talk to you about it (630) 892-8003 and see you next week for your Weekly Cup of Joe. Bye.

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