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» Weekly Cup of Joe - Episode #48 – Benefits of Massage
Weekly Cup of Joe - Episode #48 – Benefits of Massage

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Good morning and welcome to your Weekly Cup of Joe. My name is Joe King, and I am the owner of Physical Therapy Advantage in North Aurora. Here to talk to you this week about the benefits of massage; myself and my staff, and I'm going to take a wild guess that the majority of physical therapists out there in outpatient orthopedics will get the question from their clients. Should I see a massage therapist, are massage therapist good? Can I go see my massage therapist? So basically, I thought I'd just address that issue today. Myself and my staff are huge advocates of massage therapy and going to see a massage therapist. It's a great adjunct to physical therapy; it helps, especially during the course of physical therapy. Most times is that it helps decrease tissue tension in between sessions.

It helps decrease stress, improves healing. Also helps manage and mitigate the daily irritating factors that people may be having, whether it be job related or recreation activities as well. So it definitely can be a very good thing, a very positive event or a situation for individuals. Some people or everybody's a little bit different, I should say. Some people respond very well to soft tissue, hands-on work and they enjoyed massages, and some people don't. So if you're one of those individuals that typically do well and likes soft tissue work and responds nicely to it, we are always an advocate of going and seeing your massage therapist or going to see a massage therapist. So especially if you have one that you know, like and trust, we're definitely proponents of doing that. If by chance you don't have a massage therapist, but you respond well to them, we're always willing to give a recommendation as well.

We see massage therapy as part of the healthcare team. We see it as that; doctors, physical therapist, massage therapist, whatever else,, you might be doing on the side as well. That's all part of your health team. Definitely a great fit, a great adjunct, and we're just part of that math equation in there, and the massage therapy is just part of that equation as well. So hope this answers your question or hope answers questions for a lot of people anyway, that whether massage therapy is good or bad. Obviously if you go see a massage therapist and they say it's my way or the highway and they're going to just do their technique and they beat you up and you don't feel so good afterwards, that could always leave a bad experience, and so, you might think that massage therapy might not be good. But once you get in touch with one that you know, like and trust, it can be extremely beneficial. So there's a couple links to the benefits of massage below here as well. So hope you have found this video very helpful.

If you have any questions about massage therapy as well, about connections to physical therapy, and or just any Physical Therapy questions at all, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (630) 892-8003 and look forward to seeing you next week for your Weekly Cup of Joe. Bye.

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