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» Weekly Cup of Joe - Episode #18 - THANKSGIVING GRATITUDE!!
Weekly Cup of Joe - Episode #18 - THANKSGIVING GRATITUDE!!

Weekly Cup of Joe - Episode #18 - THANKSGIVING GRATITUDE!!

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Happy Wednesday, everybody! Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to your Weekly Cup of Joe. My name is Joe King. I'm the host, and owner of Physical Therapy Advantage. 2020 has been an unprecedented year, as we all know. So many challenges, so many hurdles that we've all had to face. But in light of all that, I really think that we still need to really be positive. We need to be grateful and we need to be appreciative of all the things that we have. So that being said, what I'm asking everybody to do is this holiday season, this Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday, hate that it gets looked over, passed over because of Christmas, but go out and enjoy your immediate family or whomever you're going to be celebrating the holiday with. Appreciate all your family near and far, all your friends, and all the people that love and support you.

So if you can do that and go out and enjoy your holiday season, we can try to end this year on a real positive note so please do that. Just a quick reminder as well that if you happen to have an ache or a pain that you're dealing with right now, and the holiday season is not the time we're dealing with aches and pains, it really is okay to come into the clinic and get them checked out to see if therapy can be beneficial. We don't want it to get worse, and progress and make things really miserable for you, especially over the holiday season. We are following everything that the CDC, the Illinois State and King County Health Departments are asking us to do. We're spacing out appointments, we're asking questions and doing temperature checks upon arrival.

No one gets to wait in the waiting room; extra people. So there are no extra bodies in there. Clients are washing and, or sanitizing their hands before and after sessions. Therapists and all staff and all people, all clients; everybody is wearing a mask. Our tables and our chairs and everything are all spaced out as well. Therapists, if they're doing hands-on treatment are wearing gloves also. And, the last thing is if you're not feeling comfortable with being out in the open like that, we do have a private room that we can utilize for your services as well if that's something you're interested in so just think about it. Hate to see people not feeling so good and hurting during these holiday seasons. So a couple of final things is that this Saturday is American Express' Shop Small Shop, Local Support; local support your local businesses this Saturday, this year more than ever. Our local small community businesses need our help to get them through and hopefully financially support them and their families and their staff.

So think about that, please support locals this weekend. And finally, not only being grateful and positive and appreciative is that I think one of the biggest things that we have to continue to remember is that kindness does matter. So go out, throw a smile at somebody and be kind to everybody. All right! Thank you very much. I want you to enjoy your Thanksgiving and enjoy your family, and we'll see you next week for your Weekly Cup of Joe. Bye.

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