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» Weekly Cup of Joe - Episode #14 - Shoulder Pain - Strengthening Exercises
Weekly Cup of Joe - Episode #14 - Shoulder Pain - Strengthening Exercises

Weekly Cup of Joe - Episode #14 - Shoulder Pain - Strengthening Exercises

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Good morning, everyone! Happy, fall and welcome to your Weekly Cup of Joe. This week, we're going to continue with our shoulder focus and shoulder pain. We've had lots of questions regarding shoulder pain lately. Not sure exactly why, but one of our questions comes specifically from a former client of ours, Jimmy, who wrote "I've had shoulder pain for years, and I know it, and I know I need to strengthen my arm and my shoulder, but can you show me some good basic exercises to start with?" So, Jimmy, we can definitely do that. Going back to our stretches that we talked about last week and working on good posture. So check out that video blog last week that we did focusing on posture and stretching exercises will definitely help, but some strength and exercises for sure that you can do are just basically being upright position and gently pulling your shoulder blades back. So like we talked about before, and you'll see here from the side being in that good upright position with ears, shoulder, and trunk typically we're here. So you just want to sit up in a good position and you want to gently squeeze the shoulder blades back and together. One of the main things you want to focus on is not to shrug your shoulders up as you do it, they're just coming straight back. So if you can do it in front of a mirror, works really well.

Another good exercise is to take that to the next level, that exercise. And you can take a band, which I have a really long one., and you can just wrap it around your hands, put your arms out about chest heights; nothing higher than shoulder but typically chest height works really well. o you're not shrugging your shoulders as you're doing the exercise. Arms are fairly full extended, they can have a slight bend but are pretty much extended out in front of you and you're pulling that band apart. At the very end, you're gently squeezing those shoulder blades together, you're trying to get that band to touch your chest slow and controlled, you want to be equal going left and right and you want to be slow going out and you want to be slow going back because the band' is going to want to snap you, coming back in slow and control in and out. So it's another good exercise to do. For all the exercises that I'm going to show you; the three strength exercises do two to three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions. So we're getting over 20, that's the goal you want to get over 20 repetitions. So like I said, two to three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions. So the next one we're going to do here, I'm going to move this to the ground here and I've got a pillow here, but you can use a towel roll and fold up in half like, basically a hand towel works really well, just so you can have something for your forehead and you can breathe.

And you can lay on your stomach with your arms next to you. And you're just going to squeeze the shoulder blades and lift the hands a little bit off the floor. The emphasis, here again, is you want to make sure that you're equal on the left and right sides, that they come up and they go up and down evenly. If it seems to be pretty easy for you, you can take so cans, one-pound weights, two pounds, whatever. And you can put them in your hand and do the same thing. One other stretch that we didn't show last week that you can do since you're on the floor and you want to work on stretching the chest out, is just laying on your back, we prefer with your knees bent, but you can have them straight and you just put your arms out to the side and you just work on some deep breathing. So for most individuals, because we're so rounded, you're going to feel like your shoulders are up off the floor; you're not actually able to touch them and if you don't have to have a pillow, you don't have to, and you're going to feel like, oh, I can't touch my back of my shoulders to the floor. So we just put those arms out there and just really try to get that to stretch out and relax. So just being in this position sometimes is a really good stretch. And like I said, you can get to the doorway throughout the day, but if you're down doing some exercises, that works extremely well.

So as we talked about before and last week, getting in the doorway with your arms up and arms down is another great stretch to complement these strengths and exercises. So to review some things, stretching and strength and exercises posture and with that posture, just kind of thinking about setting alarm, resetting your posture every 20 or 30 minutes throughout the day. It's a great start. If you have any more questions about that or would like to come to our Shoulder Pain Workshop, it's going to be next Tuesday night, the 27th from 7 o'clock to 8 o'clock both going to be in person and zoom options as well. So we'll get that all straightened out for you whatever comfort level you feel you want to be at joining us that night. Last week I asked you to work on not being judgmental and I hope that went well this week. We're going to focus in or want you to focus in, on being positive and thinking more positively or being more positive, I should say. So I want you to be that glass half full person versus the glass half empty person. There are so many things in this world that we cannot control, but one of the things that we definitely can control and maybe a small one, but it's a very important one is our attitude. So if you have a positive attitude, you can affect a lot of people and having a positive attitude can be very, very infectious. So I want you to go out and be infectious this week and have a positive attitude more times than not and really try to think about that and be conscious of it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give the clinic a call at (630) 892-8003. The registration link for the workshop will be below this video as well. And we hope to see you next time on your Weekly Cup of Joe. Bye.

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