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Getting A Leg Up On Your Training

Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis in North Aurora, IL

As summer is approaching, and I am gearing myself up to get back outside to hit the trails and streets, thoughts of nagging injuries enter my mind.  I try to be proactive with my own advice in regards to stretching and strengthening, as well as, "listening to my body". Unfortunately, I am not always the most compliant individual, and little "aches and pains" develop.

Are you training for a specific upcoming race, charity walk, or just trying to be healthy? Has a sharp pain in your foot/heel developed and limited your workouts?  ASTYM therapy might be just what is needed to get you back training consistently with minimal to no time off and no injections, medications or surgery.  Physical Therapy Advantage offers this unique therapy. Check out this post from Performance Dynamics.  

ASTYM Therapy: once again recommended as best treatment for plantar fasciitis

The latest edition of Fixing Your Feet is promoted by Runner’s World as having “expert advice on preventing and treating injuries from common plantar fasciitis to extreme jungle rot – and everything in between!”  The manual recommends ASTYM therapy for all tendon injuries and specifically emphasizes that patients should seek out ASTYM treatment for plantar fasciitis Citing ASTYM therapy’s unique ability to rejuvenate tendons, ligaments and muscles, the manual recommends ASTYM treatment for common foot/lower leg problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, ankle sprains and strains, and Achilles tendinopathy.  The Fixing Your Feet manual is now available through major book retailers.


To find out if ASTYM therapy is right for you, call 630-892-8003 for questions or make an appointment to see one of our certified ASTYM providers.  


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Thank you and HAPPY TRAINING!!

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