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Healing Naturally With Physical Therapy

Treatment for Chronic Muscle and Tendon Strains in North Aurora, IL

My last blog introduced you to a manual therapy treatment technique call ASTYM (Augmentative Soft Tissue Mobilization).  As we move into our summer enjoying the weather warm up, our outside activity level typically increases in proportion to the temperature increase. From gardening (i.e., pulling weeds), mowing, hiking, walking, running, biking, swimming, and yes, even washing the car by hand, nagging little aches and pains may arise that are truly stemming from compensations you may not even know you are doing.  ASTYM is a more natural, holistic way to address connective tissue injuries, besides being one of the most efffective evidence based methods out there.  Read more below to see if ASTYM might be right for your "nagging" injury.

Astym treatment is a physical therapy treatment that regenerates healthy soft tissues(muscles, tendons, etc.), and eliminates or reduces unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions.

Astym treatment is highly effective for restoring movement and reducing pain from soft tissue injury/dysfunction, and Astym even works when other approaches routinely fail.  One of the main reasons for this is that Astym was designed to target the underlying cause of many soft tissue problems, rather than just trying to relieve symptoms.  Here are some of the diagnoses where patients have demonstrated excellent clinical results when treated with Astym:

• Lateral epicondylosis
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Plantar fasciopathy/heel pain/chronic plantar fasciitis
• Achilles tendinosis 
• Shin splints
• Patellar tendinosis,
• IT band syndrome
• Chronic hamstring strain
• Pain or loss of motion & function following surgery, trauma or overuse injury

Here is a full listing of diagnoses that have been monitored and the outcomes (treatment results) tracked.

Astym treatment is non-invasive, which means there are no injections or incisions.  Instruments are applied topically (on top of the skin) to locate dysfunctional (unhealthy) tissue, and to transfer mild to moderate pressure to the underlying soft tissue structures.   Astym treatment stimulates tissue turnover, scar tissue resorption, and the regeneration of tendons, muscles and other soft tissue structures.

Astym treatment  is typically provided twice weekly for four to five weeks (about 9 total treatment sessions) and is done in conjunction with eccentric loading, stretching, and functional exercises. Unlike other treatments, Astym encourages patients to active, workers to stay on the job, and athletes to stay in their sport during treatment. The Astym process actually makes the tissues of the body stronger, and allows a patient’s body to become adapted to greater stress without injury.  Patients are very satisfied  and enthused with the results they see from Astym

Astym is used in settings ranging from therapy clinics to hospitals to industrial rehabilitation to elite/professional athletics. This highly-effective, proven treatment helps countless patients every day. Astym is scientifically based and supported by clinical research and extensive outcomes.

Contact our office, 630-892-8003, to schedule a "FREE" Screening with a Cerftified ASTYM provider to see if your "nagging" injury might benefit from this revolutionary treatment.


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