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Physical Therapy Myth Busters

Myth Busters

Let the staff at Physical Therapy Advantage help you take the myths out of physical therapy.

Myth 1. Patients have to attend physical therapy 3x/wk
Truth We work with patients's busy schedule, so they can benefit being seen 1-2 times a week, if needed.

Myth 2. No pain, no gain
Truth Not all exercises are "painful." We specialize in teaching patients how to move within their own body and reduce pain within the first session.

Myth 3. Physical Theray cliniics are just another gym that patients feel umcomfortable in.
Truth We provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for patients to reach their greatest physical potential.

Myth 4. Clinics are crazy busy and they shuffle patients through an assembly line.
Truth We offer patients one-on-one care without the sensation of feeling rushed just because the next patient walks in the door.

Myth 5. All physical therapists are out to cause the patient pain.
Truth We take a special interest in our patients and listen to their needs and concerns. We avoid repeating their fears in a physical therapy experience.

Myth 6. Patients have to schedule 12-15 sessions at one time.
Truth If a patient is hesitant, we only schedule 2-3 sessions at first. The patient's readiness to commint to physical therapy comes when we bulid the patients's trust. We show that we care for their wellbeing through results and new found lifestyle.

Let us solve other Myths roaming and swaying patients from a better way of life!! Stop by to meet our staff or call today!!

COVID-19 Update: We have been deemed an essential healthcare business by the Kane County health department so we are keeping our doors open to take care of those clients that have essential therapy needs at this time.