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Joshua Delancy

Hello, my name is Joshua Delancy, and I am an Aide at Physical Therapy Advantage. I graduated from North Central College in the spring of 2010 with my B.A. in Exercise Science. During my time at North Central College I was not always sure what I wanted to be, but I knew it was something in the medical field. The thought of having a helping hand in getting people better and helping them get back to activities they once enjoyed was something that I really liked about physical therapy. Being able to work at Physical Therapy Advantage these past few years has been great; I have been able to work with all sorts of individuals who suffer from various aliments, and being able to see them enjoying life again is always a great feeling. I also have been afforded the opportunity to work under two great therapists in Julie and Joe. They both are great teachers and are really passionate about what they do. In the coming months I am planning on applying to Physical Therapy Assistant School, and I'm also looking forward to getting accepted and starting classes in the fall. Until then you can always find me here at Physical Therapy Advantage, so be sure to stop in and say HELLO.

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