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Giving Thanks for What We Have

Thank You

As I am reflecting on last week's mission trip to West Virginia and being a healthcare provider in this ever changing ocean of six foot waves, I truly am thankful for what God has blessed me with (wonderful family, fantastic friends, a blessed church community, a prosperous business and awesome staff, and the talents to serve in many ways). I know some of us, me included on most days, definitely take for granted the health care luxuries we have at our disposal here in the Fox River Valley of Illinois. After serving in the north central Appalachian Mountains (ASP - Appalachian Service Project) for a week, where health care in all forms, is not nearly as readily available to all residents, I can only hope and pray for those in need in the region. Knowing that myself and many others from this great community we live in were called to serve this year in the Appalachian Mountains and hopefully answer someone's prayers is more than uplifting. I am energized, despite being sleep-deprived, and very excited about returning next year. I am also looking forward to the many local opportunities to serve people and communities in need here in the Tri-Cities and Fox River Valley. We have partnered with the Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry which serves both the East and West side families of Aurora and cannot wait to see how many pounds of food we can donate this coming year. I would like to take this time to say "THANK YOU" to all of you who serve your own communities locally, and those of you who serve nationally and even internationally.  It is truly a blessing to be able to do so and impact so many individuals with sometimes what seems like the smallest gesture, like, saying "hi", while making eye contact, saying "thank you" to a veteran, holding a door open for someone and numerous other ways.  

I am just starting to be more consistent with my blog posts and will be focusing most of them on healthcare/physical therapy treatment options and other health care discussions, but wanted to take this time to express my feelings after such an inspiring week with 50 other individuals (youth and adults) from Batavia United Methodist Church. Thank you for letting me do so.  

If you have any nagging injuries or chronic ailments and would like to know if physical therapy might be a viable option to decrease you pain and get you "back to what you enjoy", please do not hesitate to call 630-892-8003 to set up an evaluation or talk to one of staff physical therapists.  

Til next time,


Joe King, PT

COVID-19 Update: Due to the continued COVID-19 concerns we wanted to update everyone on our current policies. We are still considered to be an essential healthcare provider, but as of January 1, 2023...