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Spring is here and hopefully, the weather will be spring like soon!!! 
With spring, comes gardening, which is wonderful hobby for so many people. Spring is a beautiful time for flowers. How pretty the daffodils and tulips are this time of year. The only problem is that along with the pretty flowers, we also get weeds. Picking weeds for someone with a sore back or an arthritic knee can be very difficult. 

The Grandpa’s Weeder is a great tool for anyone who has weeds, and with all of this rain, we will all have plenty of weeds. It is a long handled tool that allows you to stand while you are weeding. You place the prongs in the ground around the weed and step on the lever. Slowly pull back on the handle and voila, the entire weed and root come out of the ground. It is simply magnificent. Check out the pictures. This tool is sold in many garden and tool stores.

Other Tips to Protect your Back and Knees While Gardening:

  • When shoveling or lifting, use your legs not your back to lift. Bend at the knees and lift using your strong leg muscles. 
  • If doing a lot of work near the ground, get a cart with a seat that allows you to get closer to the ground without putting extra stress on your back or knees. This also helps getting up from the ground easier.
  • Divide your gardening and yard work into 15 minute segments, always allowing for breaks and rest. Try even doing just 15 minutes a day. You will be amazed at how much work you can get done without overstressing your body.

Persmission was given by the manufacturer of the Grandpa’s Weeder to use in this blog.

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