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Future marketing...(Rebecca's blog)

Who is the New Addition to Physical Therapy Advantage….

My name is Rebecca Johnson and my passion to getting to the bottom of an injury has brought me to where I am in the practice of physical therapy today. I have never stopped learning in my professional and personal career in running. It all started during an indoor track season when I began to complain of right knee pain. At the time, I was told to ice my knee before and after each practice session. A little frustrated with my options, I asked the question that rings in my ears still today….“what it causing my pain?” I just don’t want to ice it until I know what is causing it. At the time, I didn’t even realize the implications of that question and how it has shaped my life. My high school career was successful, winning 4th in state in the 1600 m relay!

I went onto college to earn my sports medicine degree with an emphasis in athletic training, It turned out to be a great foundation to build upon. I continued to run in college with problems of repetitive injuries: ilio-tibial band syndrome, hip flexor strain, shin splints, etc. Not much fun yet I gained invaluable medical experience with the variety of sports working as a student athletic trainer. I soon realized that I wanted to know more about my own injury and more involved cases at the collegiate level. At which point, the next part in my educational journey had begun.

I moved onto to get my Master’s in Physical Therapy which has been the love of my life(with the exception of my husband and 2 wonderful children). I am in my 11th year of patient care and still going strong. I am still physically active and finished my first Northface Challenge 10K in the fall of 2009. Upon several areas in physical therapy that I enjoy to treat, I

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