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Don't Let Repetition Hurt in the Long Run

Doing anything long enough will cause the body to break down....

We specialize in assessing a runner's biomechanics to prevent further tissue breakdown or prevent injuries from occurring in the near or distant future.

Whether you:
* Sit at your computer, day after day, in the same position
* Sit in your car on your one hour drive to work
* Stand with your weight shifted onto one leg
* Sleep on the same side night after night
* Run with the weight to the outside of your foot
* Run without knowing that you have hip weakness
* Run or sit with poor posture

As Physical Therapists, we are trained to perform a full postural analysis with all activities. Poor postural alignment from the front or side views can have severe effects on your efficiency of movement over time. When all the diagnostic tests come back negative and you have sought out several experts in the area, and they have not been able to solve your mysterious injury....it just may be how you are doing what you are doing that is the cause of the injury.

Our extensive training facilitates a client to move more efficiently, along with our expertise in video analysis which helps identify postural dysfunction and faulty biomechanics more quickly than ordinary assessments. As clients see the deviation from normal alignment, they start the process of injury prevention. Success is correcting alignment before it becomes an issue to be corrected!

Please contact our staff to participate in a running and/or postural analysis.

Don't let the Repetition of Running stop you from the Long Runs!

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