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Alternative Lower Leg Treatment

Discuss Lower Leg Treatment Options

I would like to discuss a new approach to lower leg pain when the direct treatment approach is not successful. It is not new news that exercises alone do not reduce our patient's pain. When a patient's hip, knee, or ankle pain does not resolve or is taking longer than expected to heal, we need to stat thinking outside the box. As a physical therapist, I have the luxury to work at many tissue levels. One area that can commonly be overlooked is myofascial tightness following a surgery, especially in the abdomen. Recently, I have seen several overuse orthopedic injuries that when traced back up the lower kinetic chain stem from abdominal myofascial restrictions. Performing unique myofascial techniques to a c-section incision and associated abdominal myofascial structures the benefits are lengthy. Patients indicate improved breathing, greater length in their posture, longer strides, increased energy and reduced pain in the lower leg. Please consider an old abdominal incision as part of the equation when you have unexplained hip, knee or lower leg pain. Call today to discuss treatment options with our physical therapists!

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