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Transforming Your Health One Habit At A Time

I've got some very exciting news to share! Over the past 26 years I have dedicated my professional life to helping individuals overcome various ailments, injuries and assist them in reaching their next physical goal.  The focus of my practice has been to educate and empower our clients to take back control of their lives and make the best health decision for them. While I've been successful at impacting many lives on the physical therapy front, I've been significantly limited in providing necessary behavioral support to individuals who struggle with their overall health, nutrition, and wellness.

I wanted to be able to provide assistance, information, education and resources to our clients in a way that really makes a difference in their personal lives. That is why six years ago, I started researching ways to effectively support and partner with individuals, organizations and other health professionals I have worked with in order to assist more people in truly creating optimal health for their lives. I'm excited to report... I found the PERFECT SOLUTION!

So, before I could offer this program to our clients, I figured I better try it myself.  Over the previous 5-7 years before finding this amazing program, I had sort of “let myself start to slack” a little bit regarding my health, nutrition, and exercise program.  Basically, I wasn’t “walking the walk” that I was trying to promote as a Physical Therapist.  Over the next four months, I lost 30 pounds, which I didn’t know I needed to lose.  I felt great.  I had way more energy, less stress and was sleeping so much better. Best of all, I learned how to keep the weight off and handle daily situations to make the best health decision for ME!

I found a physician led health and lifestyle coaching program that far exceeds any other program on the market. It has proven clinical studies and the science to create predictable and lifelong transformation. The comprehensive lifestyle program creates structured results for extremely busy people. It provides simple and custom meal planning solutions to meet an individual’s dietary needs, a variety of levels of activity or fitness strategies, as well as behavioral modification strategies that will transform your health habits once and for all. This program is ideal for ANYONE who's interested in improving their health. It meets you where you are on your health & wellness journey, at the speed of your life. Best of all, it provides everything in a SIMPLE and COST-EFFECTIVE system, which is another reason why I love the program!

Are you interested in learning more and exploring how we can possibly partner together for your improved health and lifestyle?

Joe King, PT/Owner
Physical Therapy Advantage, PC

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