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I have been to Physical Therapy Advantage in North Aurora for a few different reasons over the last couple of years. I have gone back to them and have had no reason to seek therapy elsewhere, because I feel comfortable there, the therapist I work with has great diagnostic and treatment skills, and I know I will be treated with respect and given the information I need to take good care of myself. That is important to me, because I'm in my seventh decade and very much need to take care of myself as I get older. The staff is pleasant and attentive. The clinic is clean. Everybody has a sense of humor and conscientious care is given to the patient. I recommend Physical Therapy Advantage.

Tom M.

PT Advantage can be summed up very succinctly: They know what they're doing, they care, and they are good people. When you put all of that together, it creates an environment where healing is made easier not only because of the professionalism and knowledge, but because of effort they put into the relationship. In my experience, you generally get out of PT what you are willing to put into it. If you are basically just given a list of exercises to do, it can be hard to stay motivated and make progress. With PT Advantage they continually listen, adapt, and challenge you to keep improving (in kind ways :-)) but will also be honest and tell you when they think you are ready to "graduate". Their motto of "Positive People, Positive Results" could not be more spot-on in my opinion, and I could not recommend them more highly.

Sarah A.

I can't recommend Physical Therapy Advantage more! We have had multiple family members treated and worked with different therapists and ALL of our experiences were top notch. The staff was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and treated our injuries with skill and education. There is no question...if any of us need physical therapy again we will most certainly be going back to PTA! Thanks to everyone there!

Buff S

Physical Therapy ADVANTAGE is the most professional, wise, helpful, caring therapy place I have used for recovery. I say this after much experience with 5 surgeries requiring PT afterwards and trying 4 other local places before a friend told me about PTA. They are gifted in finding the best ways to help you heal and with the understanding that pain is not gain. I "gained" wellness because of their expertise.


Andy M.

The team at Physical Therapy Advantage are outstanding. I went in to address a running injury and Julie and Joe worked on the initial injury and in the process uncovered other habits and issues that were limiting my recovery. The team is kind caring and is focused on their patient success. If you are looking for a physical therapy provider in the Fox Valley area this is the place to go!


Michael M.

Joe and his team are great. I've had reason to seek PT for different injuries over the past 10 years and have always walked away physically better and back to normal as a result of working with Physical Therapy Advantage. My son also received PT there and very much enjoyed the care from Joe and team. Skilled, knowledgeable and professional. You can't go wrong here.


Catherine M.

I had PT following both knee replacements (R knee replaced 6 months after my L knee). Julie is compassionate, professional, always treated me with respect, and she incorporated my input and goals in every aspect of my care. She adapted every session to what I needed. I am living my best life with her ongoing support and guidance. Everyone at the clinic works together to ensure clients recover to the best of their ability. They are inviting, professional, kind, and encouraging. They create a positive and healing atmosphere. I am forever thankful!


Candy F.

I highly recommend Physical Therapy Advantage. Joe is wonderful to work with. Not only is he an expert with physical therapy, he is compassionate and listens to your needs and goals. The staff is always friendly and caring. I have gone there for several injuries and have been always had a positive experience. There are many P. T. places close to my house, but I choose to drive more that 50 minutes to have therapy at Physical Therapy Advantage in North Aurora. The results are well worth it!


Shiela K.

I have been to several PT clinics. PTA is by far the best! The staff are all professional, very knowledgeable and are just good, caring people. I would never go anywhere else!


William S.

Everyone at PTA is positive and supportive, AND realistic about your treatment. They especially do a great job of listening. I looked forward to the sessions and made progress each week. I am glad that months later my recovery is complete, but I know if I needed help for any other issue, Physical Therapy Advantage would be my first stop.


Taffy B.

After just one visit to PTA, my shoulder pain was vastly reduced and range of motion increased. After two treatments per week for 3-4 weeks, I have full range of motion restored and no pain. With their friendly, cheerful and knowledgeable therapists and staff, I highly recommend PTA.


Shelby G.

I highly recommend Physical Therapy Advantage! I visited due to a foot injury and all of the therapists were so knowledgeable and had their own ways to help me session after session. I'm back to working out and feeling like my normal self!


Patricia R.

You can’t go wrong with the people and treatment at PTA. Joe, Julie, and Shae are the best...I couldn’t recommend one over the other. The staff that assists them are personable and professional and a pleasure to “work” with during the exercise phase. I have been to PTA numerous times for hip, neck, and shoulder issues and have complete confidence in their ability to treat me.


Madison R.

I felt very well taken care of at Physical Therapy Advantage during my hip injury and would recommend this as a great place to rehab both during and after an injury. I was given good guidance into my muscle weaknesses and imbalances and the exercises I was given helped with a lot of my pain. In addition, the one on one instruction was very effective in my treatment and addressing everything that I needed to be taken care of!


Jason H.

I came to Physical Therapy Advantage with shoulder impingement. The staff was great. They really worked on my shoulder tightness and challenged me to complete my homework exercises. After several weeks of therapy, my shoulder pain was all but gone and I had a greater range of motion with my shoulder. I can't recommend PTA enough!


Michelle D.

I have been in and out of physical therapy going on 10 years now dealing with a combination of inherited genetic spine/joint disorders and arthritic issues. Joe King and his staff have provided me all these years with exceptional care and quality service. From the in-depth initial evaluation to create a specific personal care plan to each appointment where I am given the opportunity to ask questions, express concerns and discuss my at home progress. Joe and his team listens intently, provides feedback and welcomes input in order to work together with the client as a team to come up with the most beneficial long term plan for the client to help ensure success once they are released from therapy and on their own at home. Such quality care is rare today but you will find it here at Physical Therapy Advantage!


Christine T.

The therapists at Physical Therapy Advantage are professional, thorough, and compassionate.


Bob M.

Greeted me with professional kindness and helped with their thorough review of my needs. They carried out the required therapy and that special touch that only a true professional can deliver. Very successful in my rehabilitation from rota-tor repair.


Karen M.

Physical Therapy Advantage has the MOST knowledgeable and kind practitioners available. They take time to listen, attacking the problem with professionalism and pertinent exercises that do the job.......and without wasting your time and money. Highly recommended for any aches, pains, and rehabilitation needs!


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